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All-On-4 Dental Implants

Are you like some people who have lost all of their teeth? Or do you need the rest of them pulled? It doesn’t matter because you can imagine walking into Alexandria Old Town Dental in the morning and leaving that same day with a stunning new smile.

Wait! They’re not dentures, they’re solid and stable in your mouth. They don’t shift around. And, they don’t look fake like dentures. These teeth don’t sit in a glass overnight. These teeth chomp through crunchy, chewy foods like a machine. These are teeth you’ll fall in love with. If you are reading this article, I’m sure you’re aware of what a challenge it can be to wear dentures. Of course, dentures are better than going completely without teeth, however, they have some real drawbacks.

Alexandria Old Town Dental All on Four Dental Implants 2It should be noted right up front that wearing dentures will fail to halt the incessant resorption of the jawbone’s strength and quantity. The bone in your upper and lower jaw gets weaker continues to shrink due to a lack of physical stress being applied directly to the jaws’s bones.

Think about someone with a broken leg. Within days, the doctor will have that leg in a walking cast. The technique puts near-normal pressure and stress to the leg bone and makes it grow stronger and faster. Bone responds to pressure by growing and being dense.

Dentures rest on the gums and not directly on the bone. Feeling no stress, the bone “decides” that it’s no longer needed and simply goes away. As your jawbone shrinks, it draws your nose and chin to scrunch closer together. Eventually, you end up with Facial Collapse Syndrome which prematurely ages your appearance and makes your jaw more fragile.

Besides Facial Collapse Syndrome there are other problems with dentures:

  • Remember pressing a cool spoonful of tapioca pudding against the roof of your mouth as a child? You can’t feel that with an upper denture.
  • Remember biting off the last little bits of meat on a BBQ rib with perfect precision? Dentures can slide around too much for that.
  • Dentures can cause open lesions in your mouth because they don’t fit properly and they rub on the gums.
  • Dentures can increase your saliva production and make you drool.
  • And, every night, there’s the messy cleanup.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to brush your teeth again? YOUR teeth in YOUR mouth. Then, go to bed with YOUR teeth and wake up with YOUR teeth. Come home to a steak dinner that you easily chew with YOUR teeth. And, do that again tomorrow and the next day and so on. In fact, you would never have to take YOUR teeth out of your mouth again!

How is this possible? Using a remarkable, new, and less costly, technology called “All-On-4 Dental Implants,” Dr. Longman can use fewer dental implants to anchor a complete set of teeth into your mouth – permanently! Because of a breakthrough in bio-engineering, the four (sometimes six) dental implants become far stronger and can withstand much more force and torque than traditional implants. The result? Permanently anchored teeth that actually, honestly and truly feel and function like real teeth – YOUR real teeth.

What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a small, titanium screw with a rough surface that fits inside your jawbone and replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. Dental implants are made of titanium, which has the unique ability to fuse with living bone. Titanium is, so far as we know, the only substance on Earth that is able to do this. On a microscopic scale, your jaw’s bone cells grow into, around and through the roughness and imperfections on the surface of the screw, essentially becoming one with the metal. Once the fusion is complete, the dental implant can be used to anchor a single porcelain crown, or a two-to-four tooth porcelain bridge, or for temporarily snapping dentures into place for the day. With traditional implants, you would have had to wait three to six months for the bone and titanium to fully fuse before restorative teeth could be attached to the implant. However, with All-On-Four Dental Implants, the revolutionary bio-engineering technique permits Dr. Longman to usually attach your replacement teeth THAT SAME DAY!