Denture Care Can Prevent Oral Problems

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One common tooth replacement option is the denture. Dentures often get a bad rap among dental professionals and the general public alike, as they are one of the oldest and most simple of all the tooth replacement options. The truth is, however, that they can be a highly effective and affordable option for patients who experience some to total tooth loss. In addition to helping patients speak more clearly, eat healthily and smiling confidently, dentures can help slow or even prevent future oral health problems.

Problems a denture can help to prevent

Maintaining optimal oral health with a denture requires diligence and care. By adhering to the advice a dentist gives and by being smart about using the dentures, patients can lessen the chance of developing major oral health issues like these.

Shifting teeth

The teeth in the human mouth rely on each other for support. When one or more teeth fall out, the others begin to move in to close the gap, which can further aggravate the situation. Though using dentures cannot entirely prevent the shifting of teeth — doing so would require a more permanent solution — it can help to slow it.

Bacterial buildup

As the teeth shift, gaps will form between them. The gaps are ample real estate in which food particles, bacteria and other microorganisms can hide out of reach of the toothbrush. As food sits, bacteria and plaque are likely to develop. Plaque can eventually lead to the development of cavities and, if left untreated, gum disease. Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. Again, dentures can help to slow the shifting of teeth and therefore prevent bacteria buildup.

Increased sensitivity

When a tooth loses its antagonist (the tooth on the opposing jaw), it begins to pull away from the socket in search of its former point of contact. As the tooth pulls harder to find its former source of support, the gum around that tooth will recede, thereby exposing the tooth’s root. This can lead to increased sensitivity and loss of strength. More often than not, this phenomenon will continue until one of two things happens: The tooth falls out or it finds another point of contact (which it does by shifting out of place). A denture can serve as a replacement for the antagonist tooth and prevent this issue from occurring.  

Premature wear

As teeth begin to fall out, the remaining teeth must shoulder the workload of those that were lost. For some teeth, this necessitates exerting enough biteforce for two or even three teeth. This can lead to premature wear, the loss of bone structure and the eventual change of the face’s shape. Dentures evenly distribute the workload when chewing and help to retain the shape of the face.


There are many innovative tooth replacement options available to patients today, but the denture is still an affordable and highly effective choice. Discuss with a dentist how dentures may help you preserve your oral health.

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