How a Kid-Friendly Dentist Can Be a Partner in Your Child’s Oral Care

Kid Friendly Dentist Alexandria, VA

Are you looking for a kid-friendly dentist? Most dentists typically serve and work on kids and their teeth and dental needs. However, there are certain dentists that are more kid-friendly than others. For little ones, even the smallest things can be a huge help in easing any anxiety they may be having.

Something that parents should look for with a kid-friendly dentist is simple things like some books and toys in the waiting room, along with a friendly staff that is ready to make their little one feel comfortable. Read on to learn how a kid-friendly dentist is the best partner for parents when it comes to their child's oral health care.

Having a kid-friendly dentist will mean less stress

A kid-friendly dentist will definitely have some fun toys and games in the waiting room. Some have a TV that can be switched to kid-friendly programs which will keep their attention if there is any wait before their appointment.

Another aspect of having an office and staff that is ready to give a kid-friendly experience is explaining each step of the checkup and cleaning process. By letting the kids touch and feel the different instruments that are going to be used, they will be able to ask questions and see that there is not anything to be scared of. Between the comfort of holding the tools and giving information, it can make a trip to the dentist fun, interesting, and a learning experience.

How can parents help a kid-friendly dentist experience go well?

One of the most important things that a parent can do is to treat the experience like any other day. With this aspect, it is easier for a child to feel at ease, not anxious, and ready to learn new things about how a dentist's office and tools work.

If a child is wary about leaving their parent in the waiting room while having their cleaning and exam, the parents can come along. It can be helpful for the child to know their parent is in the same room; although, this is optional because we have found plenty of kids do better on their own and they can use the experience as an adventure. It will all come down to the preference of the child and parent.

Can a kid-friendly dentist check baby teeth?

Just like with any dentist, if a child still has baby teeth, the dentist will look and see how the permanent teeth are coming in. This is typically done using an x-ray. If there are any trouble spots that could form, the dentist will make a note. However, during the first visit there typically would not be any tooth removal or anything that could startle the child. Making this first visit enjoyable, fun, and stress-free is important.

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