How Long Will a Dental Exam Take?

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If you are thinking about having a dental exam done, you might wonder how long it will take. Perhaps you are a very busy person or you might want to schedule it along with other activities on the same day. In any case, you will want to know more about the process and what it involves. Keep reading to learn more about dental exams.

The importance of regular exams

When patients hear about dental exams, many people think of drilling and pain. However, that usually is not the case. Unfortunately, dental fear can lead to people avoiding dental exams. They might only make an appointment when there is an issue, and by then, it is usually worse.

However, regular visits are a great way to diagnose issues early on. It reduces the need for invasive processes. Some problems that can be caught include oral cancer and gum disease. Finding them early increases the chances of the treatment being successful.

The procedure of a dental exam

Several things might happen during the exam. Patients might need to come in around 10 or 15 minutes before to do paperwork. Often, the dentist will start by doing X-rays or photographs of the mouth. These images help the dentist find decay or gum disease early on. Next, the dentist will talk to the patient to determine any health problems that could negatively affect them. The patient can speak to the dentist about any concerns related to oral health.

The dentist can then do an oral exam of the patient’s mouth. The dentist will see if there are any issues with the teeth, such as cavities. The dental exam also includes looking for oral cancer and cavities. Next, the dentist will try to treat any issues if needed. If the patient needs a deep cleaning, the patient might need to have that done during a separate appointment. That will take longer than a standard dental exam.

In the end, the patient can have a tooth cleaning. The patient will notice that the teeth feel cleaner and smoother after that procedure. The dentist will polish the teeth using a slightly abrasive substance. That prevents any stains from soaking into the teeth. It also makes the smile look brighter.

How long does the exam take?

The amount of time that the exam requires will be around 45 minutes or so. It might take a bit longer depending on how healthy the patient is overall. If the patient has several oral health issues, it could take longer to fix the problem. However, if the patient has dental anxiety, it could take even longer. The dentist needs to help the patient stay as comfortable as possible.

Make a dental exam appointment today

If you feel that you are ready for a dental exam, now is the right time to make your appointment. You will know what the exam involves and how long you can expect it to take. Then you can set up an appointment today. That way, you can have a healthier smile.

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