How to Find a Kid-Friendly Dentist

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A child's first visit to the kid friendly dentist is crucial, as it can set the path for lasting oral healthcare. School-age children are prone to dental anxiety; therefore, it is vital to find a dental professional that will make them feel at ease. Continue reading to discover tips that will help you with the process.

Finding a kid-friendly dentist

Getting the right dentist may take a while. Getting a kid-friendly dentist is even more challenging. Here are tips for finding a good dentist for your child:

Ask for referrals

Family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues can be a good place to start the journey. If they also have school-age children, one can ask where they go for oral care. Ask questions about why they prefer the dentist, what to expect during the first appointment and how the dental staff handles children. The assumption is that one can expect to have a positive experience if other children and parents feel the same way.

Ask the child's doctor for recommendations

A child's doctor often has plenty of information regarding local resources for children. A pediatrician refers patients to other medical professionals, including kid-friendly dentists. They can recommend a dentist who can help the child and is qualified to handle their specific needs. This is critical if the child has special needs that demand additional support during dental appointments, such as autism or ADHD.

Ask the family dentist

Parents can ask their current dentist for recommendations if their office does not treat young children. This is also helpful for those moving to another area. The dentist may be aware of other dental professionals who work with children and might be a good match. A recommendation from a trusted dentist is a good place to get a kid-friendly dentist.

Use internet search tools

Different search tools are available online to locate a kid-friendly dentist near you. Some websites allow users to do a detailed search for dental professionals. After finding one, parents can proceed to read online reviews to learn more about the dentist's reputation and how they handle kids. Online review websites like allow other patients to share their experiences.

Multiple positive reviews are a good sign that the dentist provides quality service. However, if there are too many complaints or negative reviews, that should serve as a red flag that the particular dentist may not be the right professional for the child.

Book an appointment with the dental office

After deciding on the dental practice to take the child, parents can schedule an appointment to visit the office physically. Most kid-friendly dental offices set up their space to keep children comfortable and occupied – this may include providing toys, children's books and other comfort items. Check how the dentist relates to the child, and if the kid feels nervous, the steps the professional takes to ease the child's anxiety.

At the office, be sure to ask as many questions as you can, like the dentist's qualifications and experience. There are many factors at stake, so you should take your time to get it right and give your child a good start at oral health care.

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