Preventive Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

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Oral health care, including brushing and flossing, as well as professional teeth cleaning, is essential for everyone. According to the American Dental Association, everyone should have a teeth cleaning at least twice a year. The number may be higher for some people, but it all boils down to preventing oral health issues. Consider Alexandria Old Town Dental near the Alexandria area for your next professional teeth cleaning and checkup.

The benefits of teeth cleaning

The obvious benefit of having cleaner teeth is that it improves appearance and confidence. However, the most crucial reasons for professional teeth cleaning are related to one’s health. The following are some of the important preventing benefits.

Early detection of oral issues

It might be just another teeth cleaning appointment, but during the visit, the dentist will examine the patient for signs of other issues such as cavities, broken restorations, oral cancer and gum disease. These conditions can be diagnosed easily, but only through regular dental visits. Early detection helps avert the need for invasive procedures such as root canal therapy, gum surgery or tooth extraction.

Millions of adults in the United States have a form of gum disease, but early detection and treatment can correct and even reverse the problem. Without treatment, gum disease can worsen, causing a severe gum infection that may result in tooth loss. Routine dental cleanings, together with brushing flossing every day, are important to prevent the occurrence of gum disease and tooth cavities.

Protection for teeth and gums

The bacteria in the mouth combine with food particles to form plaque. Plaque is perhaps the biggest threat to oral health. its presence on the teeth and gums can cause cavities and gum disease. During the appointment, the dentist will clean off plaque and calculus from the teeth and gums, including the crevices that are inaccessible when brushing.

Prevent bad breath

Most cases of chronic bad breath or halitosis can be traced back to an underlying oral issue. The foul odor is usually caused by the bacteria present in the mouth, responsible for infections. Keeping the teeth healthy and free of plaque through regular teeth cleanings can help to stop bad breath in its tracks.

Protect overall wellbeing

Several studies have established a link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. This means that undergoing dental cleaning can lower the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. A case of oral cancer can also be discovered during a cleaning appointment. The gums are often a reflection of the condition of general health. The dental professional may be the one to find signs of leukemia, anemia and diabetes instead of the doctor.

In conclusion

Some people avoid dental visits to save money. Yes, dental appointments cost money. However, they are not as expensive as it would be if you develop a condition that could have been prevented. For instance, professional teeth cleaning will significantly cost less than tooth extraction and replacement. It is much more cost-effective to go in for preventive dental appointments, which will help prevent common oral issues.

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