The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures Over Regular Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Alexandria, VA

If you have several missing teeth, you may benefit from getting implant supported dentures – an option that has been used by thousands of patients successfully. Reports show that dental implant restorations have the highest success rate compared to other dental restoration options. Until the introduction of dental implants, the only option available was traditional dentures, which came with plenty of conditions and drawbacks.

The advantages of implant-supported dentures

Almost every patient knows what regular dentures are. These dentures comprise an acrylic base customized to look like the gum and a set of replacement teeth. The dentist will fabricate the denture to fit the ridge of the jaw and are held in place by adhesives and suction. Traditional dentures typically require occasional modifications as the jaw form changes to ensure a correct fit. The dentures are removable and can be cleaned outside the mouth.

Implant-supported dentures use implants embedded inside the jawbone as an anchor. They are usually not removable without the assistance of the dentist. Some of the benefits of choosing them over regular ones include:

Better stability

Unlike regular dentures, implant dentures are connected to the jawbone directly, like the natural teeth. Therefore, they are more stable and allow patients to eat their favorite foods, including the tough, chewy ones they would have had to forgo if they had traditional dentures. The stability also allows patients to enjoy speech clarity. Traditional dentures are prone to shifting from their position, which can be embarrassing, especially in public. Implant-supported dentures are sturdy, making it possible to laugh and speak confidently without worrying about the dentures slipping out or coming loose. Since the dentures are fixed, there is also less risk of accidentally breaking or losing them.

Prevent bone atrophy

Aside from the improved stability, implant dentures are also a lot stronger and do not rub over the gums. The inserted implants stimulate the jawbone to prevent atrophy. Since regular dentures are not attached to the bone, the jawbone soon starts to deteriorate due to the lack of stimulation that used to be provided by the missing teeth.

Bone shrinkage occurs, causing changes to the shape of the jaw. It will be necessary to adjust regular dentures to fit these changes. This is not just bothersome, but it also takes a psychological toll on the patient since changing jawlines can alter the face, causing wrinkles and premature aging. With implant-supported dentures, patients do not have to concern themselves about changing facial structure or smile.


It is easier to maintain implant supported dentures. Patients can brush and floss as usual and follow these up with regular visits to the dentist. With regular dentures, wearers must take the restoration out for cleaning and soaking in a denture solution. There is also no need for routine appointments for denture repair or adjustment. Implant dentures can survive several years of use.


If you want a reliable and long-lasting solution for replacing several missing teeth, you will be better off choosing implant supported dentures over the regular ones. Get started by booking a consultation appointment with the dentist.

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