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Diagnostic Wax-Up

diagnostic-wax-upDiagnostic wax-ups are an invaluable tool our doctors use when restoring or creating a new smile for our patients.

  • Diagnostic wax-ups allows our doctors to evaluate occlusion (how the teeth are fitting together), determine how much reduction is needed to achieve final results and determine the appropriate size and length of restorations for a natural looking smile. This assures that our patients will not only have a beautiful smile, but one that is strong, healthy and functional.
  • Diagnostic wax-ups allow our patients to see what their smile will look like after the proposed treatment is finished, before treatment is even started.

Once our doctors are satisfied with the function and esthetics on the wax-up models, impressions can be taken and shared with the ceramist who will be creating the restorations. This allows the ceramist to clearly see what is expected of each restoration for a perfect fit.