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Snap On Smiles

SnapOnSmile_logo_positiveRequiring no shots (anesthesia), no drilling of teeth, and no gluing adhesives, Snap-on Smile® is an appliance that snaps onto your teeth to give you an instant cosmetic smile. Snap-on Smile® can be used for cosmetic enhancement (creating the smile of your dreams), opening a collapsed or sunken bite, replacing missed teeth, enhancing existing teeth that have discoloration or chipping and as a temporary implant appliance that can maintain space and tooth position during implant healing. Patients considering a smile makeover can get an idea of what they will look like with their new smile – before they move forward with the procedure and the investment. This procedure allows them to “try-out” their smile. Snap-on Smile® offers a quick, painless, reversible, economical dental solution for patients who are phobic, financially restricted, time constrained, medically compromised, or are just unwilling to go through traditional treatment required for final restorations.

The appliance is made of acetyl resin and snaps in and out over your existing teeth. The appliance can last up to a few months depending on how much you wear it and how well you care for it. Many patients find Snap-On Smile® to be ideal for occasions when they need a fast smile makeover and don’t have the finances for something more permanent. These patients can wear a Snap-On Smile ® while they save up for their permanent smile improvement. Also, because the appliance fits over your teeth, it will feel a little bulky compared to your natural teeth, and you may need to adjust your speech slightly. Most people get used to this bulky feeling very quickly, and they are able to speak normally right away.

Finally, because the Snap-On Smile ® fits over your teeth, it is essential that you still take good care of your natural teeth. We ask you to visit us regularly for cleanings and check-ups so that we can help you make sure your natural teeth stay healthy. These visits will also help extend the lifetime of your Snap-on Smile®.

Snap-It!, a similar product, provides a stable and esthetic temporary solution for implant patients. Designed for smaller areas of tooth replacement, it is a convenient and simple appliance that does not have the disadvantages of a removable “flipper” which covers the palate, decreases taste sensation, and can be uncomfortable when eating and talking.