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Dental Care Without the Fear

Stones Alexandria Old Town Dental No Fear Dentistry “The dentist” is listed in the most widespread fears no matter your race, sex or social status. You aren’t alone. It’s said that just about 50% of individuals begin to feel uneasy or stressed whenever contemplating going to the dentist or having some kind of treatment done there.

One of our key goals is to help to make our own patients truly feel calm and comfortable during any sort of dental visit. Without having a staff that cares about, and understands, their patients, nothing else actually matters!

We are going to by no means make a patient feel uncomfortable about their dental needs, and we try to understand and treat patients as unique individuals

Below are probably the most well-known dental fears:

  • Fear of being embarrassed in regards to the current condition of teeth
  • Fear of gagging
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Fear of not becoming numb when injected with Novocain
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of the dentist as a human being
  • Fear of the hand piece (or perhaps the drill)
  • Fear of the unfamiliar
  • Fear of dental sounds and smells

Recently available technological advancements have suggested that in some cases, dentists have the ability to eliminate loud drills and offer quick and effective care. Additionally there are numerous types of harmless anesthetics offered to eliminate pain and reduce stress and anxiety throughout routine appointments. Our dental office has also been specially built to put you at ease by eliminating many of the items, sounds and smells of a common dentist office you may associate with your prior dental visits.

Comfort Treatment Options

We begin with a topical solution that ‘pre-numbs’ the injection area. Then the local anesthesia is used to completely numb the area being treated. This temporarily blocks feeling to the nerve and should last one to two hours or longer.

• Nitrous Oxide Gas

Nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) is especially useful for fearful patients. The results are oftentimes astounding. Patients who were scared being prepped for treatment are breathing calmly and visibly relaxing.

Below are great tips to help reduce dental anxiety and fear:

Ripples Alexandria Old Town Dental No Fear Dentistry

  • Chat with Dr. Longman – Despite the fact that it can be challenging to discuss illogical fears with a stranger, Dr. Longman can take extra precautions during visits if worries and anxiety are communicated. This way, together, we might pinpoint any specific issues or fears and work towards alleviating these problems.
  • Bring a portable music player – Music acts as a relaxant and in addition drowns out any fear-producing sounds. Enjoying your favorite relaxing music through this visit will help to reduce anxiousness.
  • Agree on a signal – Quite a few people are scared that the dentist will not likely know they may be in significant discomfort throughout the appointment, and will carry on the treatment regardless. The easiest method to solve this problem is to decide on a “stop” hand signal with the dentist. Both sides can easily comprehend signals such as raising the hand or gently tapping on the chair.
  • Spray the throat – Throat sprays (for example, Vicks® Chloraseptic® Throat Spray) may actually control the gag reflex. A couple of sprays will usually keep the reflex in check for around an hour or so.
  • Take a mirror – Not being able to view what is going on can increase stress and anxiety and make the mind run wild. Viewing the procedure can help keep actuality at the front of the mind.
  • Sedation – Choosing a comfortable level of sedation offers an excellent alternative for many individuals.
  • Ask about treatment – Please let us know the extent and depth of treatment plan explanations you need.
  • Discuss all of the options with Dr. Longman and select the one that is most effective and produces little anxiety.

Fear Can Be Conquered

Victory 2 Alexandria Old Town Dental No Fear Dentistry Inside an open and nurturing atmosphere, patients can be given dental care knowing they are not being judged or maybe looked down upon because of their anxiousness about dental treatment. We aim to do well at the technical aspects of dental care but just as important we try to attend to the person’s emotional needs. Should you have any concerns or questions about precisely how Dr. Longman can help you get over anxiety and fear, please call our office.