Common Dental Visits With Your Family Dentist

Family Dentist Alexandria, VA

A family dentist can perform preventative, restorative, and cosmetic treatments for the entire family. Going to one saves you time and money because you can handle your family’s dental needs in one place instead of having to take each member to a different clinic so their needs can be addressed.

Popular treatments that you can get from a family dentist

Let us take a look at a few of the treatments that a family dentist might perform during a routine visit.

1. Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning treatments are performed to remove plaque and tartar deposits from teeth surfaces. This protects teeth against gum disease and tooth decay. It also can serve as a treatment for the first stage of gum disease known as gingivitis.

The treatment is non-invasive, and it does not cause pain, so there is no need for a local anesthetic. Dentists recommend getting teeth cleaned twice a year for optimal protection.

2. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are among the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments. The procedure uses bleaching agents, like hydrogen carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, to remove stains from the surfaces and inner layers of teeth.

The in-office whitening treatments that dentists perform involve the patient biting down on a mouth tray and keeping it there for up to 90 minutes. The patient’s teeth can be up to eight shades whiter afterward.

3. Fillings

These are a popular way to address tooth decay. They are used to seal up tiny holes created by decay, called cavities. The fillings close up the spaces, preventing bacteria and the acids that they make from expanding them further. The expansion of a cavity can leave the pulp chamber compromised or cause the tooth to break apart. Composite resin fillings are among the most popular types of fillings used nowadays.

4. Fluoride treatments

These are often performed after cleaning teeth, and they serve as preventative treatments that protect teeth from decay for up to six months. Fluoride treatments can also be used to reverse the demineralization caused by tooth decay and reduce teeth sensitivity.

5. Crowns

Crowns are versatile restorations that can provide restorative and cosmetic benefits. They are used to address issues like severe tooth decay, breaks, fractures, deformities, or discoloration. Placing a crown on a tooth is an irreversible procedure because the tooth must have enamel removed for the crown to fit. It means the tooth will always need a restoration like a crown to serve as its artificial enamel, protecting its inner layers.

6. Braces/clear aligners

A family dentist can help fix poorly aligned teeth with appliances like braces and clear aligners. Braces have been used to straighten teeth for centuries, and they are still required for severe alignment issues that require repositioning the patient’s jaw to address.

Clear aligners are the more aesthetic versions of metal braces. They are transparent plastic trays that move teeth to an ideal alignment.

Make your oral health a priority

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